The IDEAS Festival is a not-for-profit event hosted by the Educational Charity IEX. 

what is it the IDEAS Festival?


A catalyst for creating better futures

The IDEAS Festival is a fun day of learning and exploration through self-selected interactive sessions in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths (STEAM). 

We partner with local tertiary institutions to give students access to a campus with world class facilities for thrilling sessions and learning outside the classroom.


The event inspires future generations by providing high-quality workshops that challenge, excite, and spark ideas. These hands-on, state of the art experiences are led by enthusiastic experts and offer students the opportunity to examine the concepts that challenge and shape their futures.

The IDEAS Festival creates Eureka moments - when an idea resonates, aspirations are nurtured and a potential future pathway is visualised.

why the IDEAS Festival? 

Youth living in New Zealand's regions have limited opportunities 

In New Zealand's regions we have a problem. Our children and youth don’t have the same access to the technology, science and art education opportunities as students in larger urban areas. A sense of isolation and higher rates of depression can make their future seem unclear.

We wanted to help students explore possibilities for their futures by providing interesting workshops, positive mentors, and exciting examples of how to move forward in their lives with purpose. So, we created the IDEAS Festival.

With the IDEAS Festival, we seek to re-engage students in New Zealand's regions. When students get inspired by seeing how other people have done the things they want to do, they can create more meaningful and fulfilled lives for themselves.