The IDEAS Festival is a not-for-profit event hosted by the Educational Charity IEX. 

FAQ  Here's the answers to some of the questions we are asked most often:

When can I sign up for my workshops?

Registration for the Timaru event opens on 26 August at midday.

You can register any time after that, but remember that if you wait, you might not get into your most preferred workshops.

Is there a waitlist?

Yes, we operate a wait list once registration is full.

We will contact you if a place comes up before the event.

How many workshops can I sign up for?

There are 4 time slots, so usually you will do 4 different workshops. However, some workshops, like SFX Make Up, take a double time slot to allow enough time to really learn the material.

The workshop I want says 'full up'. What should I do?

We're so sorry about that! Clearly you have great taste in workshops. 

Please register for your second choice in that time slot.

I have already registered, but I want to change a workshop, can I? 

We will try to change your workshop but can only do so if the one you want has space. 

Any alteration to your registration may incur a $10 administrative fee. 

Why is the price a strange number?

Registration for the IDEAS Festival costs $50 per student plus Eventbrite fees.

This brings the total to $54.40.

Do my parents get to come with me?

The IDEAS Festival is for you!

If your parent/caregiver needs to be with you, we can make arrangements for that. If a teacher or adult from your school is accompanyinyou they will be around during breaks.

All are welcome at the Community Evening the night before.

Do I have to wear
school uniform?

We prefer that you wear your school uniform and proudly represent your school.

However, it is not mandatory.

Do I bring a lunch?

Yes, please bring you usual lunch as you would at school.

We would love to provides lunches, but dietary restrictions make it not possible.

Are there scholarships available?

How do I get one?

Yes, there are scholarships available, thanks to our kind sponsors. We work with schools to determine who will receive them. We want every student who will benefit from this event to be able to attend.

My question isn't answered here. 

Who do I contact?

Please email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.