The IDEAS Festival is a not-for-profit event hosted by the Educational Charity IEX. 

Get into your favourite workshops

Registering for the IDEAS Festival is a little like grab-a-seat. Workshop sizes are strictly limited based on the availability of equipment, presenter needs, and space restrictions.

That's why it's so important to have a few choices ready for each time slot, if you can't get into your first choice for that time, you have backups ready to go.

Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Check out the workshop descriptions

What excites you? Makes you curious?
Make a list of your favourites.

Make a list of time slots with your first and second workshop choices

If your first choice for a time slot is already full, it's great to have your second choice ready to go.

Double check that all the information is correct and click Purchase!

If you accidentally choose the wrong workshop, we will try to get you into the one you wanted, if there is space.

Take a look at the timetable for workshops

Some workshops are open throughout the day of the Festival, and some only happen in one time slot.

Go to Eventbrite to register- have your list of workshop choices handy

Make sure to have your payment and scholarship ref (if applicable) ready. This will make the process quicker and easier.

Print out your ticket, put it under your pillow, and dream about how much fun you're going to have

This is probably the most important step...