The IDEAS Festival is a not-for-profit event hosted by the Educational Charity IEX. 

Our Creative Director has a background in Education, Communication & Design. Experienced in corporate & charity event design, she directed the Inspire Conference for 5 years and ran the Gifted Education School.


Caroline is a qualified architect with NZ qualifications in tertiary learning and education.

Caroline Hoar

Leanne Pressman

Our Educational Director has over 20 years of experience in both corporate & charity human resources and adult training.


She co-founded Nelson educational charity and was its president for 5 years, she ran the day-to-day operations and overall strategy for over 40 events per year.

Cassa Grant

Our Communications and Marketing expert is a former secondary school teacher and university lecturer with an MA in geography and a BA in English.


Cassa is passionate about empowering young people to explore their futures and the world.

Our Youth Trainer was born in Germany where she studied social law & professional coaching. A kiwi sabbatical evolved to moving to NZ and assisting in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes.


Jen is a highly qualified and experienced mentor who helps others become focused, creative and resilient.

Jen Lund

Our Youth Voice is a senior college student determined to ensure youth have all the resources required to reach their full potential.


A member of the UN Youth and Youth Council, Jenna is the recipient of the NZ United World College Scholarship for 2018.

Jenna Stallard

Alex Bradley

Events Coordinator at NMIT, Alex has a real passion for youth work and is a dynamo at generating and developing creative ideas for the festival.


When not working on the IDEAS Festival or Young Enterprise Scheme Alex can be found behind the scenes or as a front of house manager for the Theatre Royal.