The IDEAS Festival is a not-for-profit event hosted by the Educational Charity IEX. 

Interactive workshops for ages 8-15

here's a glimpse of some of our favourite workshops



We love our digital world, and so do the cybercriminals.

Find out how the organised cybercrimes work and hear out some better-than-tv-drama cybercriminal stories.

Meet a cybersecurity enthusiast, professional and a gadget lover.

They want to become a cyborg one day, the sooner the better.  


Neurological Foundation

Consider yourself a Brainiac? 

Put your grey matter to the test and see if you can separate brain fact from brain fiction.

Enter the world of optical illusions and learn some mind-bending tricks to experiment on your family and friends.

Also learn about cutting-edge methods used in neuroscience to get a sneak peek into our brains at work.


Dr Siouxsie Wiles

Do you love creating with invisible ink and painting on jelly?

In this session art and science get together with a difference! Design then draw using a solution of natural and completely harmless glowing bacteria.

When it grows-up (overnight) you will see how your creativity and living, glowing, microbes have made live science art. What will your Beautiful Bug painting be?


Otago Science Museum

Come and hold stardust in your hands!

Feel the power of a Big Bang as you explore star fusion and the creation of new elements.

From the first moments of creation to understanding our amazing planet, be prepared to feel adrenaline rushing through your body as we enjoy some incredible science demos that will inspire you to make our world a better place.


NZ Police

Is the work police do at a Crime Scene just like it is on TV or in the movies? Find out from an expert who has been there.

Discover the true different roles and responsibilities of Police at Crime Scenes and learn how to fingerprint.

Can you discover who has been there before?

Hands on fingerprinting experiments. Searching for Fingerprints and lifting them.


World Vision

Explore the truth about what is happening in our world and how people are coping with reality.

The list of challenges we face is long but there is good news; Hope is breaking through, and everyone, including you, can be part of that change.

Together, we’ll explore the world we live in; the beauty; the extreme challenges and the unique role you have to play in it all.


Mind Lab

Explore and experiment with technologies such as artificial intelligence and brain computer interfaces which are changing the way we interact with computers.

We’ll be playing with some code and thinking about how the way we work with computers is changing so much it’s beginning to challenge our thinking about what makes humans human.


International Maritime Institute of NZ

Access to the world's best bridge simulator which realistically creates a 270-degree view from the virtual bridge of wharves and main navigational hazards. You will be using real navigation equipment and gain development of situational awareness. Navigate your vessel through a variety of challenging situations and weather conditions.

Which scenario will you have?


Shadow Space & Weta Workshop

Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality. Play with the latest in cutting edge hardware and software used by industry professionals.

Explore a variety of virtual worlds from open environments to interior architecture. Learn the key fundamentals and techniques involved and construct your own compelling virtual experiences.